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The General Eclectic

May 20, 2021

Rod and Kale ruminate on what our moment heralds for us in the West. Rod's offers further thoughts on his experience of watching his home from afar, and how perspectives can be shaped by being a "stranger in a strange land."
Why is the future, which has been located optimistically in the West and in the concept of Freedom, suddenly up for grabs. In his conversations with ordinary Hungarians, many voice a skepticism of their own government, but also a genuine distaste for the external threats of immigration and the internal threats of gender ideology.
Is our faith in the future at stake? Can the West muster the energy and focus to play the role of future shaper? Or will China's brand of capital diplomacy be our future?
Both think we are at the end of something big...and perhaps as a culture, we really are in fact crazy.
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