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The General Eclectic

Apr 22, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss his arrival in Budapest, and the alternate worlds of Covid lockdowns. Being away from America, and reading about America, has Rod in a reflective mood about how crazy we seem from afar. What is the end game of The Narrative? Where is the sense of adult-level responsibility for our media elites. Is...

Apr 15, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss the shift in corporate virtue signaling and the move to make the states pay for their crimes. Are corporations more powerful than the government? They move on to talk about institutional capture and the challenges of raising not only religious kids but also basically conservative kids. They then...

Apr 8, 2021

Kale discusses a recent Substack in which Ross articulates the dilemmas facing Christian's in light of our current cultural exhaustions, what Ross works out in more detail with his latest book The Decadent Society. Rod joins Kale to continue the conversation and they talk about post-Obergfell, the Integralist response,...

Apr 1, 2021

In The General Eclectic #13, Rod and Kale discuss woke parents and school committees, social credit and social media, Lil Nas X and anti-Christian culture, and more.
Woke Parents Enemies list: In Aftermath Of Enemies List, School Committee Pledges To ‘Silence The Opposition’ | The Daily Wire and