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The General Eclectic

Aug 31, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss Rod's upcoming trip to Italy to promote Live Not By Lies as well as a trip to San Galgano and the strange story that has been part of Rod's life for the last few years. They move on to discuss an impending hostage crisis in Afghanistan, and the deep resonances with the Iran situation when Rod was a...

Aug 26, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss the immediate aftermath of the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan and the 20 years in the making debacle. How did this happen, and who is to be held accountable? They discuss the resonances between this disgraceful exit and the exit from Vietnam. Will there be a hostage crisis in the...

Aug 16, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss:
1. The sad phenomenon of a culture that has lost hope--why don't we want kids?
2. Mid-century Madness and the failures of the post-Christian cultural elites
3. The Pillar story fall-out and the need for full disclosure