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The General Eclectic

Aug 31, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss Rod's upcoming trip to Italy to promote Live Not By Lies as well as a trip to San Galgano and the strange story that has been part of Rod's life for the last few years. They move on to discuss an impending hostage crisis in Afghanistan, and the deep resonances with the Iran situation when Rod was a kid. He wonders if we are moving into our own version of the "Chernenko Years." Chernenko is the image Rod uses of the teetering Gerontocratic mess of late Soviet decline. We too are run by a gerontocracy, and they discuss why have we been unable to cycle this generation through. They move on to discuss Kyeyune's essay "Farewell to Bourgeois Kings and the sad truth that our elites are no longer effective. What they are doing simply no longer works. 
They move on to discuss the long-term effects of people being mediated through social media, and the growing rift between the real and the virtual. We are overwhelmed by complexity. What role do the pattern-watchers have in making sense of the madness? How does the truth get translated?
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