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The General Eclectic

Apr 22, 2021

Rod and Kale discuss his arrival in Budapest, and the alternate worlds of Covid lockdowns. Being away from America, and reading about America, has Rod in a reflective mood about how crazy we seem from afar. What is the end game of The Narrative? Where is the sense of adult-level responsibility for our media elites. Is there a way to call us off the ledge? The aftermath of the George Floyd verdict has us wondering if we are headed for another "forever war" but this time on the domestic front. We continue our conversation focusing on the Body Politic, it's flabbiness and the vulnerability to pathogens, both real and of the mind. We close on a conversation about church rot, Bishop Barron, and the idea that to know is to be responsible in light of Steve Skojec's piece on One Peter Five.

The Most Honest Politician of the Week Award was given to Nancy Pelosi for her religious fervorino in the aftermath of the verdict.

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