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The General Eclectic

Dec 7, 2021

Mary Harrington, contributing editor at Unherd, writer and self-professed "Reactionary Feminist", joins Rod and Kale today to discuss both her speech at NatCon 2 as well as her "conservatives in the mist" reportage of the scene in Orlando. Mary has coined several terms that are useful in the discussion of what is going on and where are we going: meat-lego memeplex, bio-libertarianism, and reactionary-feminism. She describes three basic approaches to the death of modernism: Trads, Cads, & RadFems.
The wide-ranging conversation covers plenty of ground. In the second half, they discuss the return of the grooming gangs nightmare in the U.K., and the unwillingness of so many to look at the actual costs of our system built upon consent and sexual liberalism.
They end up with an exchange on the purpose and direction of conservatism: is it enough to be "anti-woke", or is there something else necessary.
Topics discussed: NatCon 2; Atheism of Progress; economic transitions and the ongoing sex wars; the limits of neoliberal transactionalism; satanism as self help; satanism and the puritans, bio-libertarianism; sex differences; sexual liberalism; consent; grooming gangs, bio-surveillance and meat avatars. 
You can find her at and on @moveincircles