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The General Eclectic

Nov 25, 2021

In this episode Rod and Kale discuss Liquid Modernity as the acidic solvent upon the foundations of civilization. We are witnessing the pulling apart of the patterns of life, the ties that bind, the warp and woof of communities, all in the name of liberation.
The implicit nihilism at the core of these modern ideologies must be challenged by a re-assertion of our divine callings. We must create life where we are. Jordan Peterson's unique ability to speak to those caught in the clutches of nihilistic despair should be built out and amplified.

Topics discussed:

  • The Rittenhouse narrative
  • Liquid modernity
  • Queer theory and the transvaluation of value
  • Church of England's contempt for a call for more babies
  • The rise of NB's and the reprogramming of our social algorithms
  • Jordan Peterson and the neutering of the male.